Using Social Media To Promote A World Class Composer

A question that we had been seeking an answer to since 2007 when Vito Palumbo and I met online through a mutual photographic artist has comeback to light. This is what Ikohaus Avante-garde artists do as we travel through out life, and in and out of each others lives.

Vito is a modern contemporary, classical music composer. When we met I was enamored with his musical compositions so much, that I became fond of his genre that I was not to comfortable with, and it became a new thing. I examined it, tried it on and found it to be quite artistic and Avante-garde.

The question was, how to get this great Italian composers music, whom I felt was comparable to Bach, Beethoven and Mozart's heard by a director or great orchestra, capable of playing the works.

I tried myself with Vito's blessings and urging, contacting East Carolina Universities director of music, a friend who played in Raleigh NC's orchestra, email writing to the NY Philharmonic and talking to numerous friends for 5 years. 

We artists know all to well how having talent may not mean as much as knowing and having the right agent, manager or patron saint behind you can relegate your art to obscurity. 

So in this 21st century world of twitter, facebook, G+, triberr and Empire Avenue, I thought Ikohaus might have one more go at putting the message out to the social media realm with a sample of Vito Palumbo's work and that by interested aficionado's spreading the word through social media, some one may contact me to open a fruitful discussion.

Here now my email contact for inquiries, and Vito Palumbo's work for your review. Looking forward to hearing from you:

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